Sailing the Seven Seas of Senses

Posted on October 20, 2018

Travelogue from the Multisensory Facilitation Workshop from 30.09-06.09. 2018

by Robin Hotz

I am still enchanted by this inspirational seminar and would like to tell you about the learning successes and methods of our weeklong journey. And yes, it was indeed a journey. In line with the multisensory stroytelling, I invite you on this journey. A boat trip through the seven oceans of the senses. Welcome aboard!

Courage and pack

It started on Thursday evening, when a crew of brave adventurers came together to recharge their batteries for the journey together in the Salon of Courage . The daring seawomen and men came together from all directions. From Nordic Norwegians to southern Spaniards, all waters were represented. And together with our experienced captains companions Jutta and Boris we got ready to explore the stormy oceans of the seven senses


Basics and Visionautics

First of all, however, it was necessary to learn the basics of visionautics and multisensual process support in order to navigate successfully in the waters. In doing so, we learned that learning experiences are much easier to memorize when taught on all sensory channels. An experienced visionaut knows how he can communicate insights on the head, heart and hand in order to anchor profound learning experiences in his team.

Sailing the Seven Seas of Senses

With this helpful knowledge and tools, we raised the sails and set out on the journey! Exciting waters lay ahead of us. Namely, the five known oceans of seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting, smelling. But there were also the even less explored seas of emotions and dreams.

To taste: Right at the beginning we toured exciting waters and dived into the sweet currents of the taste. In an Interactive Dinner à la World Café we were spoiled by Jutta's cooking skills and had the opportunity to decorate our writable tablecloths with ideas and innovations around the topic of sensory experiences. We packed the resulting prototypes in our treasure chest and made our way to new shores.

To listen: Then there was something on the ears. In the high seas of hearing, we heard sounds that touched our innermost and led to undiscovered places. In addition to a lot of empathic listening, we also went on a "Sensory Walk" to discover the world through our other senses, especially hearing. At the same time, the seminar was accompanied by pleasant tango and piano music.

To feel: Enchanted by these siren sounds, we were already shaking with urge to move and were glad to finally reach the stormy realms of feeling. The "Evolutiton Dance" started in the green islands of the Tiergarten. Here we got to know each other and the concept of Spiral Dynamics completely new. Starting from animal beige beings we progressed piece by piece in the evolutionary history and finally ended at the other end of the rainbow.
Inspired and guided by Jutta and Boris' passion for tango, we also learned a lot about agility and leadership through dancing. We were able to display our newly acquired skills in a famous milonga in the Berlin ports and were enthusiastic about the lightness of the dance. Celebration is also an important part of visionaries and successful crews!

The sensory experiences of feeling reached their climax in "Arrow Breaking". Following a shamanic tradition, we caught our deepest fears, boldly stepping forward and breaking sharp arrows and old patterns. One of the most intense experiences of the workshop and my heart is still knocking loud as I report it here!

To see: Then we were able to calm down in the known seas of sight. Here we learned how to use visual means to bring moving images into our practice. With the tools of "Graphic Facilitation" we created personal "Vision Maps", which depicted the map of our dreams and visions. For even an experienced Visionaut occasionally comes off his path. The Vision Map helps to get back on the right sea route and recharge ones batteries. We celebrated this success in a pompous vernissage and presented our art with sparkling wine and canapes.

To smell: Even the fine and less explored shallow waters of the smelling were not forgotten. Because our flower specialist Laura also took care of our noses and enchanted us by the scent of edible flowers.

With that we had already covered the five known sensory oceans. But what about all the other channels through which we receive information? On our journey, we were allowed to learn to think outside the box and expand our concept of sensory perceptions.

Emotions: The whole seminar was accompanied by stormy emotions. Especially during the "Medicine Walk" through the old trees of the Plänterwald, we were allowed to embark on an exciting journey through the emotional world and be inspired by nature. For one or the other sailors, however, hosting their own session became the most profound experience. Here we had the opportunity to take the wheel in hand and apply the learned.

Dreaming: But even after we had traveled the entire surface of the known senses and lakes, our longing for the sea was not yet completely satisfied. So our journey continued below the surface and we plunged down into the deep sea of dreams. Further down to the bottom of our wildest dreams. When we were able to feel it perfectly clear on all sensory levels, we anchored these experiences in the "Magnetic Image", a vividly tangible recording of our vision that we were able to bring to the surface and that serves us as a compass.

Treasure Island:

So we finally reached our treasure island and were allowed to add to our chambers a lush array of insights, learning successes and new friends.

I learned a lot on this journey. As a future Visionaut and Facilitator, I will certainly go back to my logbook several times and use the methods of "multi-sensory facilitation". When we design processes and deliver messages, these tools are a great and enjoyable asset. The fact that the pictures and experiences have burned deep into my memory, speaks for the method and the seminar!

Thank you dear Academy for Visionautik for this fulfilling experience!

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