Salon of courage – show your greatness 30.8.

Posted on August 27, 2018

This salon evening is dedicated to your own magnitude and radiance.

With guided salon program, delicious potluck buffet, live music and time for talks and tango dancing.

"Look, I'm soo big, I can do this myself!" Is one of the wonderful, typical phrases of children, helping them conquer the world and experience themselves in all their diversity.

Paradoxically, many of us are learning to grow small again by becoming adults. Flying under the radar promises to be easier, to be more comfortable: It is easier to move in confined spaces without disturbing anyone else, you attract neither attention nor envy, have less responsibility, take less risks to fall deeply ...

What would it be like to remember "Look,I am soo big", to exand the folded in potentials, hidden abilities and retracted singularities, to spread the broad wings and to celebrate your own magnitude?

Try it for an evening! Let yourself be guided through this eclectic evening with small inspirations, exercises, rituals and encouraging methods. Experience how many really tall people fit in a room (a 25 m2 living room ;-)) when everyone gives themselves and each other permission to show their magnitude.

The GREAT (how can it be otherwise!?!) Israeli pianist and composer Daniel Schwarzwald will make you happy with his lively jazz and tango pieces and invites you to dance.

Participation on donation basis. Also bring something delicious & loving for the buffet.
The seats are limited, as the event takes place in private living rooms, please register here:


18.00 Arrive, shared buffet
18.30 Guided salon program on "show your greatness"
20.00 Buffet, talks, music
20.30 Guided salon program on "show your greatness"
21.15 Buffet, talks, music, dancing.

The event is in German and English.
Space is limited, as the event takes place in a private living room, please register here:

The purpose of the salon of courage is to help people to become exuberantly alive, profoundly effective and courageous about their personal path.
It continues the tradition of livingroom events from the Transformation Festival. and

Get a taste of the atmosphere from a previous salon in this video:
More Visionautic salons from this series with different focus topics take place quarterly:

29.11.18, 18.00: Courage to face your own shadow.
28.2.18, 18.00: Courage to play at work.

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