Lots of Workshops

Posted on December 30, 2018

We have known for a long time that life as a Visionaut is colorful and multifarious. This year  was especially colourful - in addition to the first modules of the Visionautikum, our new two year programme, and the truth and dare salons, we have organized a series of very different workshops and events this year:


Workshop Performing Change - consumerism and sufficiency In this workshop, we engaged dedicated students from Kiel to develop the social aspect of sustainability and explore new ways of sustainable consumption. We used means of theater and creative interactions. Here you see an interactive oracle performance for creating socially sustainable futures.



Hosting Innovation Certificate Training - Tools for Leading Innovation Teams and Creating an Innovation Culture We held the first part of the training in cooperation with Plenum Austria in the Hundertwasser Spa in Bad Blumau, a fantastic place to reduce rulers in the head. (Friedensreich Hundertwasser: “The straight line is a man-made danger, there are so many lines, but only one of them is deadly, and that's the straight line that was drawn with the ruler.”) If you are interested in joining part 2 of the training (Focus on grounding ideas and implementation) you can still join.



Trusting the Invisible Workshop at the Berlin Changedays

Jutta gave a workshop with courage ritual at the Berlin Changedays, a conference with 150 process facilitators, change makers and transformation agents which this year was held under the motto "Courage and Corporate Activism". The workshop aimed to harness the power of the mind to courageously realize change processes.



Pioneers of Change Online Summit This year, Jutta was a speaker at the Pioneers of Change Online Summit, an online congress that inspired and encouraged more than 20,000 attendees to inner and outer transformation. In addition, in cooperation with the Pioneers of Change from Austria, we trained multipliers for some of the more than 150 regional meetings that took place during the online summit.



Local Heroes Boris gave a project management workshop to 25 budding “Local Heroes and Heroines” to enrich structurally weak areas in Germany with successful, sustainable projects.


Workshop for multipliers in the Reallabor Kiel - Feeling the wind of change and tasting the future The workshop focused on ideas on how to use multisensory methods to shape transformation and to inspire social change.


Musical Process Facilitation Start of the new training cohort for the study course “Musical Process Facilitation” at the European Academy of Healing Arts in which musical means are used to create community, to propel healthy collaboration in groups and bring forward social change.


Visionautik hands-on  During these three open workshops, interested visitors were able to snoop on Visionaut’s working methods and get support to start their heart projects.


Workshop ‘Boost your courage at the Phantastango festival. Here, we have guided dancers through a courage ritual, allowing them to dance through life with ease and take brave steps towards realizing their own dreams.


Kick-Off Workshop Lebensinsel Rügen  A golf course as a nucleus for the development  of Rügen as a sustainable island? During the moderation of the kick-off workshop of the visionary group "Life island Rügen" and the bonding of the initiative group it became clear that this project holds a great potential.


Webinars Having hosted our first webinars two years ago during our Hosting Social Innovation project, the format is becoming increasingly valuable to us. This year we hosted several webinars, including an interactive webinar on successful fundraising with monetary expert Alfred Strigl, which has enabled some of our participants of the Visionautikum to raise the tuition fees for our biennial program.


Multisensory Facilitation Training

In these seven days we showed a colorful international group of people from the Canaries to Norway how to make use of multisensory approaches in order to facilitate joyful and effective education and change processes. Here is the travelogue of a participant, "Sailing the seven seas of senses"..

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