Happy new yeah!

Posted on December 31, 2018


We wish you that you can say a wholehearted yeah! to this new year and to all it holds for you. We wish you such a powerful yeah! for your undertakings this year that it opens all doors and removes all obstacles. A yeah! with which you get all the support, because it is clear: There comes the one who knows exactly where she is going and why. Here comes the one who is so convinced of what he’s doing and so full of confidence in the success that the only reasonable reaction will be to step out of your way or to contribute with joy.What is your yeah! you stand up for this year? What is so important and valuable to you that it is not just a "let’s wait and see" or a "maybe", but gets a 100% yeah! from you? What are you willing to take a risk on, perhaps ridiculing you, risking a bloody nose or giving up cherished habits? What would you like to look back at the end of the year full of joy and gratitude and say with a smile, "That was my yeah!"?

Maybe it's a very concrete project that you want to set up, which will earn your yeah! this year. Perhaps it is a basic attitude towards life: The ability to respond to everything that happens to you with an unlimited yeah! The abiltiy to fully immerse into the experiences awaiting you -whether they are pleasant or uncomfortable - and thus remind you in every moment that you are alive with neck and crop.

Or it's an unconditional yeah! to yourself, to all that you are right now, with your beauties and all the sides of yourself that you longed to get rid of. A yeah! to yourself that gives you the permission to be just right the way you are and to celebrate the quality of simply being.

Maybe a clearly spoken, 100% intended, powerful yeah! is the most powerful word that exists. Give it a try, and if there are “nos” or “yes, buts” in between, stop for a moment, see what it takes to let them go or turn them into clear yeahs! And enjoy the momentum and lightness the yeah! holds for you.

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