A courageous review

Posted on December 2, 2018

An eventful and wonderful year 2018 is coming to an end for us and we now allow ourselves the time to pause for a moment and look back.

Visionautical Salons of Courage

Our four visionautical Salons were again in the spirit of courage this year. The motto of the first salon evening - courage for the next step in February was "to make oneself on the way". Dreams were brought along as light luggage. With little inspirations, exercises and encouraging methods, it was then time for the participants to enjoy the next step with pleasure and joy.
In June we dedicated the 2nd salon - Courage to let go, to the topics letting go, ease and creating space for new things. Excessive baggage such as expectations, control, outdated thoughts and old grudges, but also the question of how to get rid of possessions or people were taken from participating flight attendants. Constricted seat belts were successfully solved and other adventurous passengers met.
In August, at the 3rd Mutsalon - courage to show greatness we had the "I am big myself" rediscovery. Collapsed potentials, hidden abilities and unusual features could be rolled out in a familiar atmosphere. It was a joy to spread the existing wide wings and celebrate ones own greatness.
In keeping with the dark season, last Thursday, at the Fourth salon - confronting your own shadow, we devoted ourselves to the dark side of humanity. Our participants were particularly brave this time and discovered with us their unexpected, precious dark chocolate sides. For them and to a certain extent for us, it is now time to draw strength for their own future projects.

A big thank you

Great people have participated and participated in the incomparable living room evenings so far. Wonderful artists created a good mood with their creative spice. We would like to take this opportunity to officially thank you all again. Many thanks also to the Georgian pianist, singer and composer Nestan Bagration-Davitashvili and the Israeli pianist and composer Daniel Schwarzwald.

Also in 2019, our visionary Salon of Courage series continues. Quarterly, the series takes place as usual with different emphases. With a delicious interactive buffet, (live) music and time for talks and of course tango dancing. So far, the following dates are already fixed:

28.2.19, 18.00: Courage to play at work.
29.8.19, 18.00: Courage to stand up for your own needs

Jutta and Boris Goldammer

1. Courage for the next step

2. Courage to let go

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3. Courage to show you greatness

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4. Courage to confront your shadow

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