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Become a Certified Innovation Host! Do you want to lead innovation workshops and groups effectively? Do you want to lead professionally through critical innovation phases? 8.-14.07.2018 (including travel days) and 28.10.-3.11.2018 (including travel days) in Austria


8.-14.07.2018 (including travel days) and
28.10.-3.11.2018 (including travel days) in Austria

During the two 5-day trainings you will…

Become a Certified Innovation Host!

Do you want to lead innovation workshops and groups effectively? Do you want to lead professionally through critical innovation phases?

With our training we address trainers and leaders, who want to host, facilitate, moderate, support, inspire, guide and empower others during critical innovation phases or visionary development processes in order to create positive change. You will gain an ample variety of hosting methods for all different phases in the innovation process. You will experience creative tools from the inside and you will practice and reflect to spread an innovation friendly attitude and sharpen your individual innovation hosting style.

This programme makes available the knowledge and experience of decades of transformation and innovation work within the two organisation, Plenum (Austria) and Visionautik Akademie (Germany) as well as two year intensive work within the European Strategic Partnership “Hosting Social Innovation” with two further partners: “Artmonastery Project, Italy” and the “Sendzimir Foundation, Poland”. It will bolster those important hosting competencies:

  • Learn how to guide groups of people to find new, creative solutions
  • Experience transformative innovation methods & tools and learn how to apply them
  • Find out how to involve people in social innovations and raise awareness for collective challenges
  • Learn how to overcome obstacles and critical points within an innovation process
  • Facilitate innovation sessions yourself and get ideas and feedback for improvement
  • Learn how to refresh your own thinking and make your organization, team or classroom a more flexible, solution-oriented, agile place

Your gains

As a Certified Innovation Host you will have knowledge and the hosting skills to empower people. With you as their host, they can actively shape their social and ecological environment and create positive change. 

The target group of this training is primarily people who already work as facilitators or leaders (e.g. teachers, moderators, consultants, trainers, managers…), who want to add competencies regarding hosting (social) innovation to their personal or professional portfolio. This workshop is for people who:

… aim to be quick and effective problem solvers.
… want to implement an innovation attitude in their organization.
… dare to face challenges that cannot be solved by traditional approaches.
… help their learners to think out of the box.
…want to live a wide awake lifestyle of creativity and curiosity.

Two parts

The training program consists of two parts and will be in English language:

  • Part I: Creating an innovation-friendly culture 9th – 13th July 2018
  • In the inspiring surrounding of the creative Hundertwasser-architecture and the relaxing atmosphere of the spa in the Rogner Bad Blumau, Austria
    (Arrival day: 8th and departure day: 14th July. 2018)
  • Part II: Implementing hands-on tools for innovation 29th October  – 2nd November 2018
    In the beautiful ecologically and artistically hosted Apfelweberhof in the nature area Waldviertel, Austria
  • see 
    (Arrival day: 28th October and departure day: 3rd November 2018)


The programme

Part 1: Focus on an innovation-friendly culture:

  • Arrival Evening: 4 course interactive icebreaking dinner.
  • Day 1: Trust & Creative Confidence: Trust- and teambuilding, the power of intention setting, introduction into hosting innovation part 1. Innovation parcours around the Hundertwasser-architecture, spa and nature area.
  • Day 2: Awareness & Empathy: Basics of an innovation friendly culture, innovation phases and their needs and typical blocks, exploring our own attitudes and preferences, experiencing methods and tools to sensitize for social innovation, to involve people  and raise awareness for collective challenges. Innovation ritual in the spa.
  • Day 3: Curiosity & Experimental Spirit: Experiencing methods and tools for discovery, Interpretation and ideation  as individuals and in a  group. Playful innovation tools, solution finding vs. problem solving approach, miniature design sensing process part 1.
  • Day 4: Collaboration & Personal Style: Tips and tricks on how to prepare a good innovation session. How to productively use “success” and “failure”. Facilitation assignment in small teams. Innovative frameworks for feedback, reflection and finding ideas for improvement. Outdoor exercises for intuitive approaches.
  • Day 5: Integration & transfer: Reflection on the methods learned and discussion how to transfer the new insights into your own daily practice. Harvesting & documentation tools. Lookout and preparation for the time in between: Peer groups and research for individual facilitation  assignment (planning an innovation session for your own context). Wrap up.


Part 2: Focus on the implementation of hands-on tools for innovation

  • Arrival evening: Welcome dinner.
  • Day 1: Reconnecting & practice experience: Landing exercises to connect and deepen trust, introduction into hosting innovation part 2, storytelling and sharing insights and experiences since the last block.
  • Day 2: Evolution and implementation: Tools and methods for experimentation and evolution. Prototyping, lean implementation, gentle iteration. Guided transitions and  to ease implementation. Fire walking ritual.
  • Day 3: Understanding systems - implementing & dealing with resistance: Tools and methods about working on social innovations in a team, tapping collective wisdom and benefits from diversity. Understanding group dynamics and phases in innovation processes. Dealing with innovation blockers.
  • Day 4: Prototyping your own “masterpieces”: Testing parts of innovation hosting for your own context.  Feedback, reflection and ideas for improvement.
  • Day 5: Integration and Transfer: Open question session, reflection on the methods learned and discussions how to transfer the new insights into your own daily practice. Outlook to further possibilities and opportunities. Wrap up.



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