Madeleine Porr

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Change agent
Networker for sustainable local energy cycles

Born 1961, Berlin
motto: I hear and forget – I see and remember
– I act and understand …

stations in life
An early fascination for the driving forces behind human existence and actions led me to attend psychology lectures at the FU Berlin while still at school.

After a detour in the medical professions and two semesters reading medicine, I opted for Business Administration (helped set up Germany’s oldest courier service GO!;
gained a BA in Business Administration;
leading position in a quality photo typesetting business, including board responsibilities; freelance socio-political activities.

In 1996 started working in Cuba and Germany to implement my visionary project El Pan Alegre (Happy Bread), producing amaranth baked goods using natural gas from organic domestic waste for energy. Managing Director of the German non-profit umbrella organisation En Buenas Manos e.V. since 2005; member of the board of economista e.V. / business start-up seminars for women.

futher education:
Further training for my key competencies networking, intercultural and gender awareness at the TU and FU Berlin. Further training in project and knowledge management and knowledge sharing at the TU Berlin and other institutions (DAA – German College for Employees, Förderband e.V.)

Madeleine Porr
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