Visual thinking tools for transformation heroes

visual-thinkingVisual thinking is a great way to organize your thoughts, grasp the essence of ideas quickly, emotionalize content, gain an overview of systems and create a shared understanding of complex processes.

The workshop takes a hands-on approach. Methods, tips and tricks are explained step by step and applied right away. Together, we will develop the first symbols for our own visual library focusing on the vocabulary transformation makers need in their daily lives. No prior experience required!

wiebkeWiebke Koch discovered visual thinking in the course of her work in social entrepreneurship and hosting transformation just three years ago. Realising that the truth behind the rusty old cliché: “A picture says more than a 1000 words”, had actually been vital to the success of many projects, she decided to investigate further. Of course, she became an instant convert and much of her work now revolves around visual facilitation, illustration and graphic recording.


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