Visionautics as Artist of Transformation

Posted on April 15, 2011

On the 30th of March, the Academy of Visionautics hosted in its premises the second Art of Transformation Lab.

The Art of Transformation is a self-organized community of practice who believes that change starts from taking action, from learning by doing and by sharing knowledge between peers. Monthly, on rotating basis a team takes care of developing and organising a participative workshop on facilitation methods.

The second Lab, focused on the participants experiences and ideas about “Harvesting: how to collect and share the meaning of  (learning) experiences”.

What does harvest mean to you? When do we need start planning the harvesting? What are the methods and the tools? How to grasp the larger meaning of an experience in a group setting? How do we share our learning?

Through brainstorming and exercises, 12 facilitators, community leaders, designers, visionaries, educators, and coaches shared opinions, methods and tips to collect the meaning (the atmosphere, the lessons learned, the results) of an experience (of learning, of visioning, of sharing, of co-creation…).

We asked ourselves how to bring the harvesting of meanings to a multisensual and tactile level?

This was our proposal:

Harvesting apples with a leaf summarizing the learning of the day!
The topic of Harvesting will be further explored during the next Lab, on the 11th of May.

If you want to participate to the Lab, send an email to or join the FaceBook group.

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