Reframe it!

reframe-itRetain your capacity to act in a climate of crisis.

Every day we are confronted with a growing pile of social and global problems that seem increasingly insuperable. Politics and the media respond with fear and patterns of reaction that have long since proved ineffective. Worse of all, these patterns of reaction have become part of our own behaviour.

How can we free ourselves from the values, perceptions and patterns of thought that define our modern paradigms and that have become a part of our mental infrastructure?  In this workshop, we will identify some of these patterns in our private and professional lives and develop practical ideas on how to deal with them.


Impuls - Agentur für angewandte Utopien e.V. : Florin Feldman, Benjamin Kafka, Henrike Lindemann.

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All of us are driven by the desire to initiate transformation processes that will help build and shape a society our grandchildren would like to live in. Benjamin Kafka creates spaces in which people can unfold their individual and collective potential to best effect. Florin Feldmann is a geographer and teacher specialised in creating formal and informal learning contexts, and Henrike Lindemann is an environmental lawyer and beekeeper with a penchant for turning fear into love.  

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