Visionautikum Travelogue of the first face to face module

Posted on December 10, 2018

Our first year to become a Visionaut is already in flux and we look back on our first presence module in autumn. As expected, there was much to discover and explore. Immerse yourself in the travelogue of one of our participants.

Visionautic travelogue

by Robin Hotz

Departure into new territory

On October 11, we launched our long-awaited and planned expedition to the infamous Coconat (Link) to explore new shores of change. Fifteen courageous visionaries came aboard the first classroom module and ventured into uncharted waters. If you are also a pioneer of change, this travelogue can certainly help you to learn from the expedition group's experiences and practices. Some of you will discover the parallels to past travels, such as the Multisensory Facilitation  voyages. Also this journey was one that deeply touched all human senses.

Right at the start of the expedition, our visionaries shared their courage and strength. Brought in power objects were unpacked; from mystical stones to practical knitting. From student to senior citizen - positioned in the sociometric lineup, it was time to get to know each other better. At the end of the first day, the festive evening dinner sparkled with visions. In a happy mood we filled the rooms of the Coconat with our songs :-)

Your inner compass

As a pioneer of change, it is important to be able to use your own body as a master of martial arts for the development of your own true potential. That's why we started early the next morning with centering body work. Then our aspiring visionaries powerfully called their mission into the world. Intentions were expressed and planted as by sowing a strong seed into the soil. We are curious and look forward to seeing what magnificent trees will grow from these, even very small seeds.

Pioneers of change are more in demand today than ever before. Because they have the potential to meet the complex crises of our society and to find good solutions. Expert Fabian Scheidler  therefore devoted himself to the topic "Where are we now?". With his lecture he shed light on possible dangers and challenges of our time. In the subsequent Milling, our visionaries then dealt with their personal relationship to the world. Finally, the group set out to make their first real expedition. As a team, they faced hands on challenges that needed to be mastered.

Orientation on your inner map

A good trip always requires a suitable map. How about creating one yourself? On the third day life lines were formed with fresh clay and experiences were plasticized. Afterwards, the artists were able to observe their own work (= life) from a distance.

Which patterns can you perceive? Is there a common thread that runs through your life? What gives you strength on your way? As the visionaries formed their lives out of the wet clay, they could become aware of all these questions. In order to be able to read the map correctly, the inner compass was finally calibrated. In the value work, deepest and most personal motivations as well as clarity about own values ​​and visions were gained. This work was further deepened by the Focusing method. A self-perception exercise for visionaries and a great addition to personal transformation processes.

After so much work, our evening adventurers were in for a party mood. At the dinner on the Apple Festival it was allowed to enjoy the first successes.

Explore your field of action

On the final day the combination of already made experiences was in the foreground and of course, how it is possible to further explore the own field of action. With the help of the inner map and compasses, the goals were roughly sketched. This way it was possible to get an idea of where the journey should go. Dyads explored this question in depth: in teams of two, our travelers began exploring the outer and inner wilds to find answers to the question of their purpose in life.

Before this wonderful weekend trip should come to an end, our visionaries each agreed on their consensual fidelity in triplets. Throughout the Visionautikum they will accompany each other and support each other in difficult times.

Finally, we brought all the groups together again. Like a Thanksgiving holiday, first personal achievements were harvested and shared.

It remains exciting how the participants of our promising group will develop their visions. We are happy to keep you up to date :-)

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