Visionautikum Reloaded

Posted on January 6, 2022

We invite you to the 2nd round of the Visionautikum. We started with the pilot cohort in 2018/19, but then took a longer break for many reasons, mainly Corona. During this time, a lot has changed and we have also deeply transformed the Visionautikum. The most important changes are:

  • Visionaut training is changing along with the job description. Previously, we used it to describe pioneers of change who remained true to their dreams and realized visions. But in the future, we will use visionauts to describe those who can accompany visionautic processes. Of course, Visionauts will continue to realize their visions, but they will also learn to accompany these journeys in others. The process knowledge is in the foreground; an own project is welcome but no longer the goal of this Train the Trainer program. 
  • The three-year training now consists of two parts per year: a leadership intensive week in September followed by nine months of online training. All six parts can be booked separately.  A more detailed schedule and costs will be published in the next newsletter. However, please note the date of the first presence module in Coconat September 19-25.
  • The Visionautikum will be in English in the future. With this - and with the decision to organize only one presence module per year - we make it possible for people from far away to participate in the Visionautikum. Previous inquiries promise an international and very inspiring ambience. (Coaching sessions, an important part of the training, will still be available in German).

Would you like to know more? Add yourself to the list of interested parties and we will keep you informed about the development. You will be the first to know about early bird discounts.

Visionautikum Reloaded
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