Visionaries described in the book “The true visionaries of our times” meet the Academy of Visionautics

Posted on July 27, 2010

Martin Häuser and Aldo Berti will be guests of the Salon of Courage (Mutsalon) during the 2nd Laboratory of Visionautics on 1 September 2010. Visionautic Salons of Courage allow insights into the emotional and professional life of experienced visionaries who will share their experiences with others to encourage visionary actions and strengthen stamina and endurance. Apart from successful visionary outcomes, they will especially emphasise on their personal journey to success. They will talk about what helped them to re-vitalise their vision to overcome and bid defiance to hard times, barriers and obstacles in order to faithfully and courageously stick to their path. Salon or Courage’s participants will get substantial information and valuable advice related to their individual challenge.

Martin Häuser, author of the book “The true visionaries of our times”, portraits visionaries worldwide. Thanks to his experience in visionary’s characteristics he will highlight and define the patterns of a typical visionary way.

Aldo Berti, healer and former opera singer, is one of these portrayed visionaries. He will share his experience of an extraordinary way, similar to Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey.

Furthermore, the Salons of Courage of the following days will be enriched by another two outstanding personalities. Madeleine Porr will allow a deep insight into her Cuban project “El Pan Alegre”. She will also contribute by a detailed description of her brave and consequent fight to push her ideas forward. Johannes Heimrath will energise us with his alert, inventive mind and unshakable will-power – the same attributes that helped him to build up various initiatives and made him one of the role models within the culture-creative movement.

The Salons of Courage are taking place during the Summer Laboratory of Visionautics in Lehnin close to Berlin. Application closing date is 30 July 2010. Furthermore, it is possible to only take part in one or more of the following evening events:

1 September 2010, 18:00, Salon of Courage with Martin Häusler and Aldo Berti

2 September 2010, 20:00, Salon of Courage with Madeleine Porr

3 September 2010, 18:00, Salon of Courage with Johannes Heimrath

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