Truth and Dare Salon – Courage to play at work

Posted on February 21, 2019

Truth and Dare Salon - Courage to play at work

Man only plays when he is in the fullest sense of the word a human being, and he is only fully a human being when he plays”
Friedrich von Schiller

How can we create work environments for ourselves and others in which we can be fully human beings? How can play help us work with joy, unfold ourselves, express our creativity, and meet each other as human beings? Playing at work in this sense definitely means more than playing kicker during breaks or using Lego as material for prototyping.

At this salon evening, we explore how play can inspire work, how we can intentionally unintentional, and how to foster a culture that makes a playful approach to work possible. Bring your inner child, your curiosity and your joy to experiment, let yourself be enchanted by the magic of play for an evening and become a game changer in your working world.


18.00 Arrive, prepare the buffet
18.30 Guided salon program on "Facing your own shadow"
20.00 Buffet, talks, music
20.30 Guided salon program on "Facing your own shadow"
21.15 Buffet, talks, music, dancing.

The event is in German with English translation.

With a delicious interactive buffet, live music and time for talks and tango dancing.
Participation on donation basis.
The seats are limited, as the event takes place in private living rooms, please register here:

Mutsalon / Salon of Courage

The purpose of the salon of courage is to help people who start something new to become exuberantly alive, profoundly effective and courageous about their personal path. It continues the tradition of livingroom events from the Transformation Festival. and

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