Transformational decision-making


Effective group decision-making

Try out some decision-making tools on personal or professional issues and see if they work for you. Perhaps you will discover that balancing out sources of tension will help you make a better choice.
The tools presented in this interactive workshop combine reason (head), intuition (gut) and values (heart) in decision-making processes. Together we will experiment with various methods in simulated individual and group situations. You will learn to:

  •    identify and avoid typical “mistakes” in decision-making processes,
  •    become more effective in making decisions,
  •    balance out sources of tension like volatility, insecurity, complexity and ambiguity and use such factors constructively.

If you would like to reflect on or improve the way you make decisions on your own or in a team, family or community situation, this workshop could prove useful. And if you are facing a tough decision right now and would like some help in deciding what to do – all the better!


felix r pic

As part of the DO Lab, Felix Rübcke designs and implements custom-built learning journeys that enable individuals and organizations to put their ideas into practice. Felix draws on many years of cross-sector experience in public, private and non-profit organizations in Argentina, Costa Rica, Germany, USA, Taiwan, and Thailand. His many credits include collaborating with the Decision Capability Unit of the LSE, helping to found Berlin-based strategic consultancy Decision Institute, and conducting leadership research as a Fellow of the Stiftung Neue Verantwortung. Passionate about enabling businesses to create outcomes that benefit both stakeholders and society, Felix moved on to work as organizational developer and process facilitator at the impact consultancy Goodroot. Felix is also a partner of Energies United, a new type of agency exploring the impact of energy perception and culture on human energy practices.


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