The World Transformation Game

What kind of world would you like to live in? And how would you contribute to make this world a reality?

BildschirmfotoWelcome to the World Transformation Game! You are kindly invited to share your visions for the following topics:
Economy & science: How can we ensure wealth and the fulfillment of our needs? How do we want to work in a global world?
Society & social welfare: How do we want to live together? In what kind of places? How do we organize global mobility?
Politics and religion: How should our governments be organized and how do we want to be ruled? How should these processes be designed? What are our values and how should they be lived?
Health & Environment: How can we save and protect nature? How do we want to shape our environment? What can we do to allow humans, plants and animals to live healthy?

Antje BerheideAs a facilitator for networking events, Antje has developed interactive methods and tools to connect people and to activate them. The World Transformation Game is the latest edition of a series of games for connecting people and for personal development that Antje has developed especially for the Transformation Festival. Come in and play with us!

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