the-workExamine your thoughts and gain clarity.

This workshop introduces you to the process which Byron Katie simply calls “The Work.” The Work is a simple and powerful technique of asking questions that help you analyse your thoughts and identify what is causing you stress. The process basically consists of four questions, your answers to them and turning around the thought you originally departed from.  This workshop gives you the opportunity to explore and practice this technique. Byron Katie: “I discovered that I suffered when I believed what I thought, and that I didn’t suffer when I didn’t believe it, and that this truth applies to every single human being. Freedom is that simple.”

thomasThomas Franke’s main occupation is learning about and understanding himself. He also works as a computer scientist.  He is divorced and has three adult children. His interest in religion, psychology and philosophy dates back to his earliest youth. He has explored and analysed a wide range of techniques and methods, most of which took a depth-psychological approach. In 2012 he discovered The Work and started implementing it in his daily life. In 2015 he became a coach for The Work of Byron Katie (vtw) and a member of the ITW (Institute for The Work).