CM Portrait 5Finding a solution to a problem has a lot to do with letting go. The fight for a better world can quickly turn into a fight with the problem itself. Resistance may be overwhelming, the odds so great and the struggle so exhausting that we might even consider giving up. But perhaps…if we can get out of the fighting mode and broaden our horizon, we will discover that there is far more scope and many more options than we might have thought possible.

I invite you to playfully explore a sphere of experience that inspires answers to questions like:

Together we will explore the joy of shaping, playing around, experimenting and acting in a spirit of deep mutual respect and understanding. I look forward to working with you!

Christian Maier accompanies people in companies and organisations in times of change and upheaval. He uses movement and elements of play to get people away from their habitual, mostly sedentary, consumer contexts to become more open-minded and receptive to the new. The prerequisites for success are: increasing awareness of one’s potential, creating an attractive image of the future, believing that these aims will be achieved and most of all – a willingness to let go. For the fact is that we ourselves are the greatest obstacles to change. A metaphor that expresses this truth better than any other is the art of juggling. Christian Maier has introduced many thousands of people to this delightful skill in a very short time. Introduced – he insists. For people can only ever teach themselves.