SchreibwerkstattWords are a powerful instrument – get to know exercises and techniques which can help to bring about positive change within yourself and your social environment.

Words are a powerful instrument, which we’re often unaware of even though we use it on a daily basis. In this workshop we will firstly fathom the power of words, becoming aware of their influence, no matter if they are written, spoken or just thought. In a second step we will explore different writing exercises in order to use the power of words in a supportive way.

munaMuna Wagner was born in Brazil and lived in six different countries before calling Berlin her home. Discovering the unifying elements in the diversity of cultures and people is her driving force, a force she uses both as a facilitator and writer. After completing her studies at the Freie Universität Berlin, Muna continued to study screen writing in New York. She writes short stories, poetry, screen plays, and works as a script consultant. As a blogger she explores “not so frequently asked questions” on German society and the world we have created and continue to build. Words have the power to create an impact – becoming aware of this power and using it to create positive change both in groups and individuals is part of her work as a facilitator and communications/intercultural trainer.