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Hosting Transformation is for facilitators, teachers, managers, activists, artists, social change agents, and all leaders. We offer videos featuring methods on how to host other people's (and your own) transformations and social innovations. To access our free online database of methods, visit our website here.

The International Partnership for Transformative Learning (IPTL) is a social network of practitioners and hosts of transformative learning. IPTL articulates this new paradigm of learning, develops and implements new tools for addressing it, and brings together the practitioners who have the power and skills to host this transformation. Read more about IPTL here.







Business Model Canvas Dance

The Business Model Canvas is a flexible, creative template for developing new or existing business models. It is a visual chart with elements describing a product’s or service’s value proposition, customers, and finances. Business Model Canvas DANCE is a variation that combines the traditional Canvas with constellation work, making it more lively and active.





Dare To Ask: Solution Inundation


This method is about opening up and daring to ask any kind of questions concerning your project/enterprise. You present your “problem” and your audience will bombard you with solutions on post-its. You will find a step-by-step guide and hints on how and when this method is useful, and what is required. But this one is simple! Just start and use the collective wisdom of your group! Enjoy!






Directions Practice


Directions Practice is a contemplative movement exercise created by the Art Monastery, inspired by the Cherokee prayer dance called the Dance of the Directions and by certain Tai Chi forms, this non-strenuous activity is balancing and connecting.






Tinspirations: Instant Ideas for all Occasions


Tinspirations are little tins or boxes that stimulate your creativity in a problem­solving or ideation process. Tinspirations are based on human curiosity and bring a touch of playfulness into your office, to your desk, or your seminar room.






Perspective Carousel: playful idea generator


The Perspective Carousel is a holistic ideation approach that uses the power of constellation work, role play, and intuition to generate ideas from very different points of view.





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