Susanne Wied

Regular Team

When I soar into the skies, then I am an eagle, drawing visionary circles above the whole and with a keen eye for the detail that matters.
My prey is always revelation, a very nourishing diet.
On the ground I support people in finding solutions to vital issues in their careers and family environments. The colourful spectrum of methods I have learnt in different schools over many years practice is a great help.
Key areas in my writing as in my therapeutic and teaching activities are deep psychology and humane care, the world we live in as space and colour, organisation development and strategic system changes. In the infinite expanses of thinking and being,
I focus on the wider context of human existence in its cyclical pattern of being born and dying.
To find the roots of the future in ancient manuscripts and describe them in analogies is a flight of thought as free and exhilarating as that of the eagle in the skies. The art is to land safely in the reality of the present.
This is the basis for turning visionary ideas into workable contemporary concepts. Everything works out, with enough love of mankind, love for the projects and life itself.

To find out more about me, please visit:

Deutsches Farbenzentrum


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