LeichtigkeitChange: why it comes naturally, easily and how to embrace it without feeling the blow.

In our society, change is usually presented as a burdensome and painful process – an attitude that prevents us from taking the opportunity to shape the future with lightness and joy. The good news is that our body has all the prerequisites for taking lightness to heart, and even invites us to do so by sending the right neurotransmitters. This workshop invites you to explore these opportunities and actively work towards lightness. Joachim Klöckner presents recent findings in the field of brain research, conclusions he has arrived at through serious self-experimentation, room for individual questions and practical exercises to help you bring more lightness into your everyday life.  

image1Joachim Klöckner is a celebrated minimalist, consults and holds interactive lectures on the subject of lightness and happiness and feeling good with things material and immaterial. Chernobyl was the spark that inspired the energy consultant to change his life and begin inquiring into the state of being human. For the past twenty years, he has cultivated a liberating lifestyle, focusing on essentials and adapted to needs of the world in general, reducing his possessions to a maximum of 50 objects that all fit into a single backpack.


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