Intention & Vision

The Intention of Visionautics

Visionauts believe that there are hundreds and thousands of people who have the imagination and the determination to develop and implement ideas that can carry us far into the future. To support them, we are in the process of building up an Academy of Visionautics, a place governed by this spirit of openness, where people can acquire the necessary skills to develop visionary ideas and implement them professionally. The two-year course in Visionautics is in development. As a forerunner of this course, we have developed the Seasonal Labs of Visionautics for people who want to develop an idea or challenge they have set themselves. The focus of the labs is to work on a particular vision, a plan, an idea and its implementation. During the workshop participants will be given optimal support, help and advice for their project plus a whole lot of courage, dynamism and joy of creativity: in other words, all the equipment they need to give their idea the best possible start on its way towards reality.

A new culture

What do Muhammad Yunus, Florence Nightingale and the Schimmelreiter (Theodor Storm, The Dykemaster) have in common? They all refused to accept that the realities they were confronted with could not be changed. They were certain that change was possible, that the present could be improved on.

Fuelled by their desire to create a new way of living, of doing business, of working and thinking, they set out to change things. They had the courage and the determination to pursue their dreams and make them the basis of a new reality.

Now imagine how many more people and great ideas there would be…



Visionauts work to create a culture in which new ideas are as welcome, nurtured and cherished as newborn children. A culture in which ideas can be developed even if – or precisely because – they far surpass the confines of the present.

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