Get a whiff of the wind of change

Posted on January 14, 2018

Get a whiff of the wind of change: Taster afternoons for the 2 year study course “Transformative Leadership and Co-Creation”

Jippieeh! In August, we will be launching our modular study course in “Transformative Leadership and Co-creation”, where you can learn how to shape cultural change boldly and vividly, and how to effectively set up what is close to your heart, in short, where you can become a Visionaut. (The course will be in German)
Together with our cooperation partners Pioneers of Change we are eagerly preparing everything and burst of anticipation for the work in this field we are most passionate about.

If you are interested in the study course and would like to be infected by our anticipation, come to one of our taster afternoons with information and little samples of our work:
The next taster afternoons are on
3.2.18, 16-20h and on 14.4.18, 16-20h in Berlin. Sign up here.

The next questions & answers webinars about the program are available on
15.1.18, 20-21h and 15.2.18, 20-21h. Sign up here.

Here your find infos about the course
If you would like to receive the detailed curriculum, click here.

In addition, the 9th Pioneers of Change study course starts with the same purpose and a similar format in May, for the first time in Upper Austria. If you live in the area, we warmly recommend it to you. Click here for more information and taster workshops.

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