Darwin meets Business Evolutionary Management

What can nature and evolution teach us about the evolutionary development of organisations and individuals?

The evolution of life on earth over 3.5 billion years is a vast reservoir of experience that nature offers each and every one of us if we wish to use it. What can the basic rules of life on earth and natural processes teach us about successful and sustainable economic activity, innovation, developing potential, managing change processes, or the characteristics of a successful team?  Klaus-Stephan Otto’s workshop introduces you to some of the lessons we can learn from nature’s success story in an entertaining lecture mixed with practical exercises.

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Dr. Klaus-Stephan Otto, psychologist, CEO of EVOCO GmbH, lectures at leading universities and is an expert in evolutionary management and sustainable corporate management. Over the past 30 years he has accompanied the evolution of countless national and international corporations, SMEs and NGOs. His astounding combination of complex theory with practical exercises open up new perspectives on the world of business by transferring knowledge gained from nature and evolution, delighting and enthusing seminar and conference participants. He is the author of several books about sustainable management and learning from nature, including Evolutionsmanagement published by Hanser-Verlag, which – to our knowledge – is unfortunately only available in German.

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