Evolution dance

spiral-danceSweat your way through the phases of human development and achieve a bodily understanding of the evolution of consciousness.
The workshop is based on the theory of Spiral Dynamics developed by the American psychologist Clair Graves, a system that enables us to access and explore different phases of the development of human consciousness and their the fundamental questions and values that are integral to them. Drawing on these phases in a targeted and playful manner broadens our horizon and expands our scope of action and communication. This workshop introduces you to the theoretical basics accompanied by specially selected music and plenty of space to dance, experiment and increase your bodily awareness – from silence to chaos and an intense awareness of now. No sportswear required.

PastedGraphic-1Reinhard Coppenrath studied Organic Architecture and Sculpture at the Alanus University in Bonn (Germany) and Pedagogy at the University of Warsaw (Poland). He spent 13 years living and working as a teacher and architect in Poland and the Ukraine, exploring alternative pedagogy, language, dance and architecture. He now teaches organic architecture and practical intuition in Kiev, Budapest, Munich, Berlin, Warsaw and Prague.

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