Explore your source: Power of initiative, leadership and innovation

How to use your source of strength to best effect and encourage and inspire others to develop theirs.

sourceworkThe person who initiates a project or a business becomes its source. This workshop shows you how to use your strength to best effect and empower others to become a source for the area of the project they are responsible for. Managing one’s own resources is a further important point. Together we will analyse and discuss what exactly makes a person a source, the privileges and responsibilities bound up with this position, how source and leadership combine and what makes cooperation with other sources successful. Your examples and questions will be used to explore and analyse the theory.
The workshop is inspired by the independent business consultant Peter König’s recent analysis of a wide range of initiatives and organisations and the factors that led to their respective success or failure. A particular focus of König’s work is on the personality of the founder: In his opinion, this is the key source of information that largely determines the course the project will take.


Alfred founded plenum and various other transformation initiatives in Austria (e.g. Pioneers of Change, Initiative Zivilgesellschaft, Gut Landersdorf). He is an expert on all things related to sustainability, transformation and making dreams come true. He lectures at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU) in Vienna and other institutes of higher education.


Sylvia co-founded plenum and specializes in adult education in the fields of sustainability and transformation. Ashoka Österreich distinguished her as one of Austria’s leading changemakers for her work in advising and supporting the implementation of over 300 pioneering projects. She is a qualified trainer, coach and herbal witch doctor.


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