Design Thinking Challenge: An economic coffeine boost

How can we ensure that our morning coffees-to-go no longer produce waste in Berlin?

In Berlin alone about half a million coffee-to-go cups are sold and thrown away an average of 15 minutes later. What viable alternatives are there? The pocket coffee-to-go cups some people carry around with them are a good start, but there’s a big chance they won’t actually have it on them when they’re out and about and fancy a coffee. In this three-hour workshop, Göran Hielscher from the Inspiracy Group takes you through all the stages of a design thinking process to develop a clean green alternative for mobile coffee drinking. The innovation department of Berlin’s public cleaning service (BSR - Berliner Stadtreinigung) is trying to tackle this issue at the moment and is very interested in developing and supporting good ideas on the subject.


Göran Hielscher has been living in Berlin for the past 11 years and is one of the city’s typical creative workers. A freelance designer and copywriter, he studied Social and Economic Communication at the Berlin University of the Arts and spent one year focusing on Design Thinking at the Hasso Plattner Institute. This proved to be a revelation and has marked the course of his work ever since. He regularly gives workshops on the subject and is convinced that the right framework conditions and communication enable people to work more creatively in every kind of organisation.
As a Design Thinking coach and consultant, Göran has worked in small and medium businesses, corporations, NGOS and cultural institutes. As a sideline, he also gives workshops on the subject of sexual awareness and relationships and even once caused a minor migration at a festival (


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