Katherine Bihlmeier

Experts and supporters

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Works in Hamburg and Berlin as a coach and will bring the subconscious, unrevealed to light.
She will help you to realise your vision/task by cutting down belief systems, convictions and manners which are standing in your way to do so. To transform and integrate as well as to combine this with practical solutions is the main goal of her coaching.
Cooperation offer for tandem teachings.
How comes the new into the world?
How to safe the world – beginners and advanced?
What indeed are real ideas and how can you get them?
What are fantastic visions of a succeeding future and how can you step-by-step, professionally approach them?
How do you discover new solution levels and probe unconventional strategies?

How can we find fun and motivation in an apparently pretty serious matter – how to improve the world?
The longing of the visionauts is a culture which welcomes, cares about and supports the new – some sort of delivery nursing for visions.
A culture, in which development can take place, even if – or actually because of – it grows higher than the current.
We start from the premise that there are many people who fantastically can design future improvements and bravely as well as consequently are willing to realise these.
We are looking for international partners, who are interested and motivated to support vision-development, to accompany it and to assist to transform the idea into the real.
Our wish is to interchange methods and procedures, to mutually further them, to reveal necessary facilitations and to find out about helpful modules for generating the effective development and realisation of visions.
We can also imagine co-operations in parts of this process.
In Feburary, we are planning to apply for an EU-teaching-partnership to fund the participant’s travel and accommodation expenses to make this interchange possible.



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