Allee der Visionauten wird in Allee der Visionauten umbenannt

Posted on Januar 14, 2016

In August the “Allee der Kosmonauten” in Berlin will turn into the “Allee der Visionauten”, giving space for future visions, developed by high school students. During the weekend of 7th to 8th of September (!), the student’s visions for specific locations along this avenue will be shown in public. Guided tours will lead around a series of performances, arts, film and sound installations. Be surprised how the students will transform e.g. an abandoned cinema with broken windows, a tunnel, a brownfield, or a socialist monument into a visionary space.

The project “Allee der Visionauten” that works with arts classes of different grades, has been developed by the media artist company Reality Remixed in cooperation with the Akademie für Visionautik and the Wilhelm-von–Siemens Gymnasium, located in the Allee der Kosmonauten.


After a few sessions of research on the location, this week the Academy of Visionautics led the students into a vision development process. It was the first time the Academy of Visionautics, having its roots in adult education, worked with high school students, and we found out: Yes! Visionautics works also with schoolchildren and it is fun!

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