City Walkabout

city walkaboutA city walkabout is an invitation to give time and space to important personal issues of your own and find unexpected answers.
Are you in the process of making a difficult decision? Are you looking for inspiration to help you take the next step? Do you like the city but long for the experience of bonding with nature?
A walkabout is the journey traditionally undertaken by aboriginal boys, marking their initiation into adult life. A city walkabout is a modern version of this tradition adapted to an urban context.
If you are interested in sharpening your senses, getting a better feel for the messages your environment is sending you, if you want to spend time deliberating a personal issue, break out of your usual patterns of thought and explore the relationship between you and your city, a city walkabout might be just the thing for you.



Ursel Biester is a seminar leader, coach and writer. Travelling as a metaphor for spiritual growth and personal development is the subject of her book my personal journey.quest300

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