Turning old into new

The transformative power of hands and paper

old-to-newDiscover how your hands can turn waste paper into something beautiful and meaningful that brings people together in just a few moments! In this workshop, we will explore the transformative and communicative power of paper by making amazing baskets, personal notebooks and envelopes from what is usually dismissed as waste, playing games, collecting more ideas about transforming paper and sending love letters. A public activity at a select spot in Berlin, we will be inviting passers-by to join in the game, exchange ideas and send more love letters. Transformation as hands-on as it gets!!!

Bild susanne

Susanne Kitlinski, founder and co-pilot of open sustain (www.opensustain.com) has spent the past 20 years successfully helping people in business and organisations implement their personal mission to promote sustainability in social, economic and ecological terms.

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