Truth and Dare Salon -"Courage to take care of yourself"

In order to face the challenges of this world, it takes your creativity, joy of life and yourself in your full power. But especially to actors of societal change, activists and social entrepreneurs it easily happens that they go beyond their limits of their own resources and powers. The tasks are so urgent, important and boundless and the own contribution seems so small ...

For us Visionauts, creating a better world also means taking good care that the driving horses of change do not collapse from exhaustion, but gallop freely, vividly and full of zest into a desirable future. That they savour the way. That they can fully give themselves into their mission with joy, imagination and ease because they have more than enough of everything.

This salon evening is dedicated to refueling, drawing strength and creating abundance.

How do we manage to do things the way that they give us strength? How can we shape our everyday lives so that we can act out of surplus? Which thoughts and actions support this?

Let yourself be guided through this eclectic evening with small inspirations, exercises, rituals and nourishing methods, meet other exciting people and enjoy an evening with the focus on your own well-being.


18.00 Arrive, prepare the buffet
18.30 Guided salon program on "Facing your own shadow"
20.00 Buffet, talks, music
20.30 Guided salon program on "Facing your own shadow"
21.15 Buffet, talks, music, dancing.

The event is in German with English translation.

With a delicious interactive buffet, live music and time for talks and tango dancing.
Participation on donation basis.
The seats are limited, as the event takes place in private living rooms, please register here:

Mutsalon / Salon of Courage

The purpose of the salon of courage is to help people who start something new to become exuberantly alive, profoundly effective and courageous about their personal path. It continues the tradition of livingroom events from the Transformation Festival.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQHbGkELZgc and

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29.8.19, 18.00: Courage to voice your own needs.

28.11.19, 18.00: Topic still open, if you have a wish, please send it to info@visionautik.de

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