Jutta Goldammer

One swallow signals spring!

I am a migrant bird in body and soul. Migrant birds are not the same as escapist birds, for they are driven by their yearning for distant places, warmer climes and wider horizons. All escapist birds really do, by contrast, is flee the cold, which they never quite manage to shake off as their whole way of thinking and feeling is centred around it. As a swallow, I don't sit around waiting for the summer to come to me, but I fly towards it.

I set off and as I am flying, I suddenly become aware of those around me who are driven by a similar desire. And before you know it, there's a whole flock of us, and then it really is summer.

I learnt to fly during my studies of pedagogy, organisational development and years abroad in Spain and Scotland, in building up and dismantling the “actory” consulting theatre, in raising my two children and in my work as a performance artist and tango dancer.

To my vita:feet

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