Multisensual facilitation workshop

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03-11 November  2018 Become a qualified Multisenual Facilitaror: In this training you will be introduced to the Visionautic way of thinking, experiment with and reflect on a variety of multisensual approaches and methods for a rich, colourful and creative facilitation style.



You will be introduced to the Visionautic way of thinking, experiment with and reflect on a variety of multisensual approaches and methods for a rich, colourful and creative facilitation style. After seven workshop days you will be the proud owner of an ample multisensual toolkit which includes:
  • How to prepare a creative setting and an activating surrounding.
  • How to create an atmosphere of fun and experimental learning.
  • How to work with Visionautic material to develop and share ideas: maps, logbooks, inspirations, props, etc.
  • How to visualize and sensualize complexity: graphic recording, graphic facilitation, evolution lines, sociometric exercises, models etc.
  • How to set memory anchors in your body: arrow breaking, magnetic pictures, circular empowerment etc.
  • Exercises with rhythm, voice and dance to improve communication.
  • Multisensual tools to stimulate meaningful dialogues: instant paintings, picture archives, impro theater exercises etc.
  • Small interventions to turn everyday’s situations into magic events.
  • Innovative forms of presentation and giving feedback.

Target group

Facilitators, trainers, teachers who want to… ... present complex issues in an easy understandable way. ... create learning experiences with a great deal of fun and variety. ... access intuition and creativity as a resource for learning. ... activate the memories of their learners in a more effective and longer lasting way. ... immerse complete persons into a learning process, not only the heads. ... experience that their own teaching nourishes and enriches themselves.


Methodology Box: Experience based, multisensual, experimental, appreciative, contextualized.

You will be immersed into a learning process on three layers:

  1. From the perspective of a learner: Experiencing, understanding and feeling all methods from the inside.
  2. From the perspective of a facilitator: Giving a session alone or in a small group on a selected topic, gaining facilitation experience, trying out new styles and getting feedback for it.
  3. From the meta-perspective: Deepening your understanding by reflecting on the methods and transferring them to the needs of your individual context.

 A collection of trainers’ materials will support you to easily facilitate all experienced methods at home (except for arrow-breaking)


Daily structure:

8:00 Meditation / bodywork / yoga 9:00 Breakfast 10:00 Check-in and focus of the day 10:30 Workshop I 12:30 Lunchbreak 15:00 Energizer 15:15 Workshop II 17:00 Coffee break 17:30 Time for reflection in small expedition groups 18:30 Dinner 20:00 Evening event (not daily)

Workshop flow

Arrival day: 17.00-19.00 Arrival, reception, allocation of rooms. 19.00 dinner

Day 1: Welcome WS I: mulitsensual team&trust building activities, brief outline of the course agenda, guided tour along the self-directed learning parcours that will be accessible all week. WS II: Introduction: The Visionautic way of working Evening event: Interactive dinner party with multisensual tasks.

Day 2: Visualizing and sensualizing complexity WS I:  Graphic recording & graphic facilitation WS II: Explaining with models and props, modelling evolution lines. Day 3: Multisensually stimulating dialogues WS I: Picture archive and instant paintings WS II: Impro theatre exercises, sound experiences Evening event: interactive concert with synaesthetic choir and body percussion.

Day 4: Multisensually stimulating new ideas, creativity and intuition WS I: Working with Logbook, Moodboard and Map WS II: Clay dialogues Evening event: vernissage with live music and prosecco.

Day 5: The body as a resource for memory WS I: Magnetic picture and arrow breaking WS II: Circular empowerment Evening event: Introduction into tango dancing for good communication Day 6: Practising new facilitation approaches WS I: Tipps & tricks for multisensual classrooms. Preparation of an own session. WS II: Session on new multisensual learning ideas, hosted by participants & feedback. Day 7: Practising new facilitation approaches Morning body work: hosted by participants & feedback. WS I: Multsensual session on transfer into own facilitation practice, hosted by participants & feedback. Energizer: Hosted by participants & feedback. WS II: Session on looking back and harvesting material, experiences, inspiration and power, hosted by participants & feedback. Evening event: Celebrating, dancing, festive buffet, facilitated by participants. Departure day: Breakfast, packing, departure.


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