After the good experiences with living room events at last year's Transformation Festival, the Visionautik Akademie is launching a new event format: the Salon of courage. Once in the quarter, we offer with creative and communicative methods from our magic hat the opportunity to gather courage and momentum for your own upcoming projects in a relaxed living room atmosphere. Afterwards, you can enjoy buffet, music and tango dancing.

Our first Salon of courage "Courage to think a new" was a very special one: not only was the first Salon of courage of our series and was therefore designed with particular love and devotion, it also formed the conclusion of our EU project “Hosting Social Innovation”.

Our second Salon "Courage to make decisions" took place on 30th of November. The next one is this Thuresday:

Salon of Courage “Courage for the next step”

Thursday, 22.2.18, 18-23h in Berlin. Register here.

“In the end, what counts is what we did and lived, not what we longed for.” (Arthur Schnitzler)

We warmly invite you to a colourful evening all about getting started.
"Nothing can stop us now!" Is the Visionautic motto of this year 2018. That does not mean that every step on the way is a leisurely walk. Maybe you intend to climb a steep rockface that can only be conquered in cooperation with others. Or your way leads you through an unknown terrain, a dense jungle full of strange animals and possible dangers. Now it is no longer necessary to ponder what you might encounter along the way, but to go through it, to experience it in real, step by step.

This salon evening is dedicated to setting off.
Bring your dream along, you want to take the next step for. Let us guide you through this eclectic evening with little inspirations, exercises and encouraging methods. Discover the treasures and nourishing provisions in your chock-full backpack of experience. Put your feet into mighty seven-league boots, let your companions help you to put your feet on safe ground, and enjoy the pleasure of walking and moving.
With a yummy potluck-buffet, music and time for conversations and tango dancing.
Participation on donation basis.

The event is in German, translation can be provided in English and Spanish.
Space is limited, as the event takes place in a private living room, please register here:


18.00 Arrive, setting up the potluck-buffet.
18.30 Guided salon programme about “the next step”
20.00 Buffet, talks, music
20.30 Guided salon programme about “the next step”
21.15 Buffet, talks, music, dancing.

The purpose of the salon of courage is to help people to become exuberantly alive, profoundly effective and courageous about their personal path.

It continues the tradition of livingroom events from the Transformation Festival.

More Visionautic salons from this series with different focus topics take place quarterly:

25.5.18, 18.00: Courage to let go.
30.8.18, 18.00: Courage to show your greatness.

Further Salons of courage from this series with different emphasis follow:

Mutsalon / Salon of Courage